GOTE started in 2015 as the acoustic trio of Foster Burton on guitar and lead vocals, Jay Gladden on bass and vocals and Matt Leonard on drums so they could fill a weekly club gig and fulfill the musical pursuits that were not available in the other bands that the group of musicians was in at the time.  They would invite friends and auxiliary musicians to sit in and change the flavor slightly to keep the ensemble’s mix fresh and interesting. Jump forward to August of 2016 when Matt invited John McBroom to be the guest guitarist for the evening.

Things changed after that and John started hanging around a lot more and sitting in on a much more regular basis. After a while it became apparent that this was going to be the band’s line up.  While GOTE still has sit-ins on a very regular basis, it still falls to the base line up at most shows. Never really rehearsing but playing a weekly show in the area, has made the band a very versatile group with an eclectic blend of originals and cover material. GOTE plays a different show every time they hit the stage.